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Semi-flexible directed polymers in a strip with attractive walls

  title={Semi-flexible directed polymers in a strip with attractive walls},
  author={Nicholas R. Beaton and Leo Li and Jonathon Liu and Thomas Wong},
  • Nicholas R. Beaton, Leo Li, +1 author Thomas Wong
  • Published 2019
  • Physics, Mathematics
  • We study a model of a semiflexible long chain polymer confined to a two-dimensional slit of width $w$, and interacting with the walls of the slit. The interactions with the walls are controlled by Boltzmann weights $a$ and $b$, and the flexibility of the polymer is controlled by another Boltzmann weight $c$. This is a simple model of the steric stabilisation of colloidal dispersions by polymers in solution. We solve the model exactly and compute various quantities in $(a,b,c)$-space, including… CONTINUE READING

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