Semi-automated 3-D Building Extraction from Stereo Imagery

  title={Semi-automated 3-D Building Extraction from Stereo Imagery},
  author={Sung Chun Lee and Keith E. Price and Ramakant Nevatia and Tom Heinze and John M. Irvine},
  journal={35th IEEE Applied Imagery and Pattern Recognition Workshop (AIPR'06)},
The production of geospatial information from overhead imagery is generally a labor-intensive process. Analysts must accurately delineate and extract important features, such as buildings, roads, and landcover from the imagery. Automated feature extraction (AFE) tools offer the prospect of reducing analyst's workload. This paper presents a new tool, called iMVS, for extracting buildings and discusses user testing conducted by the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA). Using a semi… CONTINUE READING