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Semen analysis : a review

  title={Semen analysis : a review},
  author={Arvind Kumar Singh and Sushila Singh and Udai Veer S. Teotia},
A semen analysis is the examination of freshly ejaculated seminal fluid. Seminal fluid is a viscous, turbid fluid produced mainly from secretions of the seminal vesicles (45–80% of volume) and prostate gland (15–30% of the volume). About 1% of the total volume is spermatozoa and testicular fluid produced by the testes. A routine analysis of seminal fluid includes the measurement of fluid volume, viscosity, pH, and fructose and measurement of sperm concentration, count, motility, viability, and… 


Semen analysis and antisperm antibody.
ICSI should be used in immunologically infertile men diagnosed by specific method to demonstrate the in vivo exposure of sperms to antisperm autoantibodies that block fertilization.
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