Semeiological Features of 3.0 T Mr Imaging: What Changes at High Magnetic Field

  • Schenck Jf, Dumoulin Cl, +25 authors Pisa
  • Published 2005


753 certain possible contraindications especially in women during the first three months of pregnancy, patients with falciform anaemia, patients with prostheses and/or fixed or mobile metallic implants, internal metallic and other prostheses, crystalline prostheses and intrauterine devices. Caution is also required when dealing with claustrophobic subjects or patients who are at high risk of cardiac arrest, unconscious or severely ill, children or patients unable to recognize or report sensations of heat or peripheral stimulation, and patients with fever or impaired perspiration. In view of these contraindications, it is even more important than with lower field strength MR systems that the physician in charge check the patient completes a history-taking form to establish whether or not s/he can be scanned. Lastly, as with conventional MR systems, it is important to prepare the patient who should be informed on the reason for the MR scan, how long the examination will last, possible administration of contrast medium, sedatives or even anaesthetics (for example in the case of claustrophobic patients).

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