Semaphorin-plexin signaling guides patterning of the developing vasculature.

  title={Semaphorin-plexin signaling guides patterning of the developing vasculature.},
  author={Jes{\'u}s Torres-V{\'a}zquez and Aaron D Gitler and Sherri D Fraser and J. van den Berk and Van N Pham and Mark C Fishman and S. Terry Childs and Jonathan A. Epstein and Brant M Weinstein},
  journal={Developmental cell},
  volume={7 1},
Major vessels of the vertebrate circulatory system display evolutionarily conserved and reproducible anatomy, but the cues guiding this stereotypic patterning remain obscure. In the nervous system, axonal pathways are shaped by repulsive cues provided by ligands of the semaphorin family that are sensed by migrating neuronal growth cones through plexin receptors. We show that proper blood vessel pathfinding requires the endothelial receptor PlexinD1 and semaphorin signals, and we identify… CONTINUE READING


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