Semaphorin 3F forms an anti-angiogenic barrier in outer retina.

  title={Semaphorin 3F forms an anti-angiogenic barrier in outer retina.},
  author={Anima Desiree B{\"u}hler and Nicholas Sitaras and Sandra Favret and Felicitas Bucher and Stefanie Berger and Amelie Pielen and J. Joyal and Aimee M. Juan and Gottfried Martin and Guenther Schlunck and Hansjuergen Thomas Agostini and Michael Klagsbrun and Lois E H Smith and Przemyslaw Sapieha and Andreas Stahl},
  journal={FEBS letters},
  volume={587 11},
Semaphorins are known modulators of axonal sprouting and angiogenesis. In the retina, we identified a distinct and almost exclusive expression of Semaphorin 3F in the outer layers. Interestingly, these outer retinal layers are physiologically avascular. Using functional in vitro models, we report potent anti-angiogenic effects of Semaphorin 3F on both retinal and choroidal vessels. In addition, human retinal pigment epithelium isolates from patients with pathologic neovascularization of the… CONTINUE READING