Semantically Inspired Electronic Healthcare Records

  title={Semantically Inspired Electronic Healthcare Records},
  author={Kamran Farooq and Amir Hussain and Stephen J. Leslie and Chris Eckl and Calum A. Macrae and Warner V. Slack},
The adoption of Electronic Healthcare Records (EHRs) holds the key for the success of next generation intelligent healthcare systems to improve the quality of healthcare and patient safety by facilitating the exchange of critical patient’s episodic information among different stakeholders. The primary and secondary care healthcare systems store the episodic information for future reuse and for auditing purposes. The conventional healthcare information management systems for primary and… 
A Novel Ontology and Machine Learning Inspired Hybrid Cardiovascular Decision Support Framework
The proposed novel ontology and machine learning driven hybrid clinical decision support framework could help clinicians diagnose cardiac chest pain patients efficiently and could also help clinicians reduce load on overly prescribed angiography treatment in a cost effective manner.
A Novel Ontology and Machine Learning Driven Hybrid Clinical Decision Support Framework for Cardiovascular Preventative Care
The proposed framework incorporates an ontology-driven clinical risk assessment and recommendation system (ODCRARS) and a Machine Learning Driven Prognostic System (MLDPS), integrated as a complete system to provide a cardiovascular preventative care solution.
A novel cardiovascular decision support framework for effective clinical risk assessment
The new clinical models, having been evaluated in clinical practice, resulted in very good predictive power, demonstrating general performance improvement over benchmark multivariate statistical classifiers.
Clinical Decision Support Systems: A Visual Survey
This paper presents a detailed visual survey of CDSS literature using important papers selected from highly cited sources in the Thomson Reuters web of science database, and analyzes the entire set of relevant literature indexed in the Web of Science database.
ONTO SQAM - A Model for Analyzing Seafood Quality Based on Ontology
  • Vinu Sherimon, P. C. Sherimon
  • Computer Science
    2018 International Conference on Innovation and Intelligence for Informatics, Computing, and Technologies (3ICT)
  • 2018
The key features of the model are the development of algorithms to generate frequent patterns of quality seafood and to predict the success rates of seafood based on the catching center.


Using Ontologies for an Intelligent Patient Modelling, Adaptation and Management System
This paper describes the iterative transformation of a basic risk assessment software into a "knowledge-aware" system and argues that using ontologies is both conceptually appealing and a pragmatic solution to implementing a shift from simple management systems to intelligent systems in healthcare.
Ontology-Driven Adaptive Medical Information Collection System
A generic model for contextsensitive self adaptation of ICS, based on a questionnaire ontology is proposed, which is illustrated with a description of the authors' own medical ICS implementation and discusses the potential benefits of such system, especially in the context of tailored healthcare.
Bridging the Gap between Structured and Unstructured Health-Care Data through Semantics and Sentics
This work exploits the semantics and sentics, i.e. the cognitive and aective information, associated with on-line patient opinions, to provide the end-users of the health system with a common framework to compare, validate and select their health-care providers.
Ontology-based Modeling of Clinical Practice Guidelines: A Clinical Decision Support System for Breast Cancer Follow-up Interventions at Primary Care Settings
A semantic web approach is presented to model the CPG knowledge and employ a logic-based proof engine to execute the C PG in order to infer patient-specific recommendations.
Ontology-Based Knowledge Modeling to Provide Decision Support for Comorbid Diseases
This paper presents the COMET system that provides decision support to handle comorbid cardiac heart failure and atrial fibrillation and presents the knowledge management approach by aligning multiple CP to develop a unified CP knowledge model forComorbid diseases.
Examining SNOMED from the perspective of formal ontological principles: Some preliminary analysis and observations
A preliminary analysis of SNOMED CT is reported on, from the perspective of a few such formal ontological principles, giving examples of prior design decisions that appear to be supported by these principles as well as examples of pre-design decisions that may be at variance with them.
Foundations of Intelligent Systems
This presentation will illustrate this variety from the perspective of intelligent, automated workflow assistance in different big data settings, in which key success factors can range from efficient sensor fusion to rapid query processing and stream mining, to careful semantic-preserving data integration.
Ontology-driven cardiovascular decision support system
An ontology driven framework is proposed for the development of a clinical expert system for chest pain risk assessment and it is intended to incorporate a range of chest pain assessment guidelines and risk scoring rules within the system and design the framework so it can be extended to arange of other cardiovascular diseases in various clinical settings.
Use of electronic health records can improve the health care industry's environmental footprint.
It is concluded that electronic health records have a positive net effect on the environment, and that the model for evaluating their impact can be used to determine whether their use can improve communities' health.