Semantic enhancement for legal information retrieval: Iuriservice performance

  title={Semantic enhancement for legal information retrieval: Iuriservice performance},
  author={Nuria Casellas and Pompeu Casanovas and Joan-Josep Vallb{\'e} and Marta Poblet and Mercedes Bl{\'a}zquez and Jes{\'u}s Contreras and Jos{\'e} Manuel L{\'o}pez Cobo and V. Richard Benjamins},
The Iuriservice application offers a semantically enabled FAQ search system and case law browser for the Spanish judges in their first appointment. The system is now at the first stage of implementation in the Spanish Judicial School. Users may input questions to the system in natural language to obtain access to a database of experience-based answers to practical day-to-day questions. In order to offer the question-answer pair from the application database that best matches the input question… CONTINUE READING
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