Semantic Wikipedia

  title={Semantic Wikipedia},
  author={Max V{\"o}lkel and Markus Kr{\"o}tzsch and Denny Vrande{\vc}i{\'c} and Heiko Haller and Rudi Studer},
  journal={Journal of Web Semantics},
Wikipedia is the world's largest collaboratively edited source of encyclopaedic knowledge. But in spite of its utility, its contents are barely machine-interpretable. Structural knowledge, e.,g. about how concepts are interrelated, can neither be formally stated nor automatically processed. Also the wealth of numerical data is only available as plain text and thus can not be processed by its actual meaning.We provide an extension to be integrated in Wikipedia, that allows the typing of links… 

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Semantic Wikipedia
This work provides an extension to be integrated in Wikipedia, that allows even casual users the typing of links between articles and the specification of typed data inside the articles, and gives direct access to the formalised knowledge.
Semantics in Wiki
  • L. Uden
  • Computer Science
    Community-Built Databases
  • 2011
This chapter describes the use of semantic technologies in wiki, which provides intelligent access to heterogeneous, distributed information, enabling software products (agents) to mediate between user needs and the information sources available.
Mining Meaning from Wikipedia
State of the Union: A Data Consumer's Perspective on Wikidata and Its Properties for the Classification and Resolution of Entities
The causes of these challenges from the viewpoint of a data consumer are analyzed and possible avenues of research and advancement that both the scientific and the Wikidata community can collaborate on to turn the knowledge base into the invaluable asset that it is uniquely positioned to become are discussed.
Semantic Wiki Search
This work presents an approach to semantic search that combines the expressiveness and capabilities of structured queries with the simplicity of keyword interfaces and faceted search.
Visualizing Wikipedia Article and User Networks: Extracting Knowledge Structures using NodeXL
This chapter highlights the uses of graphs from two main types of Wikipedia pages for increased knowledge transparency: (1) topical article pages and (2) contributor user pages (whether human or robot).
RDF Authoring in Wikis
It is argued that two aspects are crucial for the enrichment of this documents with semantic annotations: full support for RDF and close integration of the annotations with the continuous text.
Collaborative multilingual knowledge management based on controlled natural language
A semantic wiki system that is based on controlled natural language to provide an intuitive yet formal interface and the results of a user evaluation show that users reach a high level of consensus, which is not negatively affected by the presence of automatic translation.
Keyword-Based Search over Semantic Data
This chapter presents an overview of KWQL, a query language that combineskeyword search and web querying that allows for rich combined queries of full text, metadata, document structure, and annotations and its companion language visKWQL.