Semantic MediaWiki

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Semantic MediaWiki is an extension of MediaWiki – a widely used wiki-engine that also powers Wikipedia. Its aim is to make semantic technologies available to a broad community by smoothly integrating them with the established usage of MediaWiki. The software is already used on a number of productive installations world-wide, but the main target remains to establish “Semantic Wikipedia” as an early adopter of semantic technologies on the web. Thus usability and scalability are as important as… Expand
An Extensible Semantic Wiki Architecture
The paper introduces an extensible semantic wiki architecture that should not only allow for the agile change of its content but also the fast and easy integration of emerging semantic technologies into the system. Expand
Semantic mashup with the online IDE WikiNEXT
The proposed demonstration requests, gets the results and uses them to populate wiki pages with semantic annotations using RDFaLite, and shows how this data can be reused by other applications, e.g. for a semantic mashup that displays all collected metadata about cities on a single map page. Expand
Engineering Expressive Knowledge with Semantic Wikis . ?
Semantic wikis are successfully used in various application domains. Such systems combine the exible and agile authoring process with strong semantics of ontologies. The current state of the art ofExpand
Wikulu: An Extensible Architecture for Integrating Natural Language Processing Techniques with Wikis
This work presents Wikulu, a system focusing on supporting wiki users with their everyday tasks by means of an intelligent interface which transparently integrates natural language processing techniques with wikis. Expand
Connecting Semantic Mediawiki to different Triple Stores Using RDF2Go
A generic triple store connector for the popular Semantic MediaWiki software to be used with different triple stores like Jena or Sesame, using RDF2Go as an abstraction layer is described. Expand
KnowledgeWiki: An OpenSource Tool for Creating Community-Curated Vocabulary, with a Use Case in Materials Science
A novel extension by adopting the singleton property data model in the KnowledgeWiki allows various kinds of metadata about the RDF triples to be created in the Wiki, and combines this extension with other extensions such as semantic forms to provide a user-friendly, Wiki-like interface for domain experts with no prior technical expertise to easily curate data. Expand
Strata: Typed Semi-Structured Data in DokuWiki
Strata, a plugin for the well known wiki DokuWiki, allows the use of semi-structured data in any Doku Wiki installation, normalizes values based on their types, and allows extensive data modeling and querying on complex data structures. Expand
Adding Semantic Extension to Wikis for Enhancing Cultural Heritage Applications
It is highlighted how wikis can be relevant solutions for building cooperative applications in domains characterized by a rapid evolution of knowledge, and the capabilities of semantic extension to provide better quality of content, to improve searching, to support complex queries and finally to carry out different type of users. Expand
Collective Knowledge Engineering with Semantic Wikis
The paper discusses a new semantic wiki architecture called PlWiki, which aims to provide a strong knowledge representation and reasoning with Horn clauses-based representation and an extension to already available flexible wiki solution (DokuWiki) instead of modifying existing wiki engine. Expand
Generating Semantic Media Wiki Content from Domain Ontologies
This paper describes a prototype solution for an automatic OWL ontology conversion to articles in Semantic Media Wiki system and describes tests on two domain ontologies with different characteristics: DMOP and DMRO. Expand


Semantic Wikipedia
This paper provides an extension to be integrated in Wikipedia, that allows the typing of links between articles and the specification of typed data inside the articles in an easy-to-use manner, and presents the design, implementation, and possible uses of this extension. Expand
Reusing Ontological Background Knowledge in Semantic Wikis
This paper introduces an extension of Semantic MediaWiki that incorporates schema information from existing OWL ontologies that offers automatic classification of articles and aims at supporting the user in editing the wiki knowledge base in a logically consistent manner. Expand
Semantic MediaWiki: Online documentation
  • Semantic MediaWiki: Online documentation
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  • Semantic Wikipedia. In: Proc. of the 15th International WWW Conference
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