Selling the 'Decent interval': Kissinger, triangular diplomacy, and the end of the Vietnam war, 1971-73

  title={Selling the 'Decent interval': Kissinger, triangular diplomacy, and the end of the Vietnam war, 1971-73},
  author={J. Hanhimaki},
  journal={Diplomacy \& Statecraft},
  pages={159 - 194}
With the help of recently declassified documents, this article examines the link between triangular diplomacy and the Vietnam War. It argues that from the summer of 1971 to the conclusion of the Paris Agreements in January 1973 Kissinger tried to 'sell' a peace agreement to his Soviet and Chinese inter locutors by stressing the American willingness to accept a 'decent interval' solution: that is, the United States would not reenter the war provided that the collapse of the South Vietnamese… Expand


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