Selfish DNA in protein-coding genes of Rickettsia.

  title={Selfish DNA in protein-coding genes of Rickettsia.},
  author={Hiroyuki Ogata and St{\'e}phane Audic and Val{\'e}rie Barbe and François Artiguenave and P E Fournier and Didier Raoult and Jean Michel Claverie},
  volume={290 5490},
Rickettsia conorii, the aetiological agent of Mediterranean spotted fever, is an intracellular bacterium transmitted by ticks. Preliminary analyses of the nearly complete genome sequence of R. conorii have revealed 44 occurrences of a previously undescribed palindromic repeat (150 base pairs long) throughout the genome. Unexpectedly, this repeat was found inserted in-frame within 19 different R. conorii open reading frames likely to encode functional proteins. We found the same repeat in… CONTINUE READING
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