Selfie Culture in the Age of Corporate and State Surveillance

  title={Selfie Culture in the Age of Corporate and State Surveillance},
  author={Henry A. Giroux},
  journal={Third Text},
  pages={155 - 164}
Abstract This article addresses the implications for the growing use of selfies and the culture it is producing under a regime of neoliberalism marked by an unchecked celebration of the self, commodification, and privatisation. The author argues that the selfie is not just another fad deeply enmeshed in popular culture. On the contrary, selfies are less about entertainment and vanity then they are symptomatic of a retreat from privacy rights, an intense site for the commodification of the self… 
Selfie consumerism in a narcissistic age
  • D. Murray
  • Sociology
    Consumption Markets & Culture
  • 2018
ABSTRACT This paper explores the recent debate about the selfie – or spontaneous self-portraits taken with smart phones or other consumer-based devices – in terms of its connection to narcissism.
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Ideology and Terror: A Novel Form of Government
The following considerations have grown out of a study of the origins, the elements and the functioning of that novel form of government and domination which we have come to call totalitarian.
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