Self-sustaining process in Taylor-Couette flow

  title={Self-sustaining process in Taylor-Couette flow},
  author={Tommy Dessup and Laurette S. Tuckerman and Jos{\'e} Eduardo Wesfreid and Dwight Barkley and A. P. Willis},
The transition from Tayor vortex flow to wavy-vortex flow is revisited. The self-sustaining process (SSP) of Waleffe [Phys. Fluids 9, 883 (1997)] proposes that a key ingredient in transition to turbulence in wall-bounded shear flows is a three-step process involving rolls advecting streamwise velocity, leading to streaks which become unstable to a wavy perturbation whose nonlinear interaction with itself feeds the rolls. We investigate this process in Taylor-Couette flow. The instability of… CONTINUE READING
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