• Materials Science
  • Published 2012

Self-suspending proppants for hydraulic fracturing

  title={Self-suspending proppants for hydraulic fracturing},
  author={Роберт П. Махони and Дэвид С. Соун and Мари К. Хэрринг and Кевин П. Кинкейд and Роза Касадо Портилла and Филип Вутрих},
FIELD: chemistry. SUBSTANCE: present invention discloses modified proppants and methods for production thereof. Modified proppant, which comprises a proppant particle substrate and hydrogel coating, wherein said coating includes a hydrogel-forming polymer, has thickness from 0.01 % to 20 % of average diameter of said substrate, hydrogel-forming polymer swells upon contact with water-based fluid to form a hydrogel coating around proppant particle substrate, after hydration and swelling, said… CONTINUE READING


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