Self-punishment as a regulation strategy in borderline personality disorder.

  title={Self-punishment as a regulation strategy in borderline personality disorder.},
  author={M. Zachary Rosenthal and Kelly C. Cukrowicz and Jennifer S. Cheavens and Thomas R. Lynch},
  journal={Journal of personality disorders},
  volume={20 3},
Studies using the Thought Control Questionnaire (TCQ; Wells & Davies, 1994) suggest that the tendency to use self-punishment (e.g., shouting at oneself) in order to control unpleasant internal experiences (e.g., cognitive and emotional) is associated with psychopathology. To evaluate the role of self-punishment in borderline personality disorder (BPD), we first examined whether TCQ scales, including Self-Punishment, were different among adults with BPD (n = 31) when compared to those with other… CONTINUE READING

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