Self-propulsion of Leidenfrost Drops between Non-Parallel Structures


In this work, we explored self-propulsion of a Leidenfrost drop between non-parallel structures. A theoretical model was first developed to determine conditions for liquid drops to start moving away from the corner of two non-parallel plates. These conditions were then simplified for the case of a Leidenfrost drop. Furthermore, ejection speeds and travel distances of Leidenfrost drops were derived using a scaling law. Subsequently, the theoretical models were validated by experiments. Finally, three new devices have been developed to manipulate Leidenfrost drops in different ways.

DOI: 10.1038/s41598-017-12279-6

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@inproceedings{Luo2017SelfpropulsionOL, title={Self-propulsion of Leidenfrost Drops between Non-Parallel Structures}, author={Cheng Luo and Manjarik Mrinal and Xiang Wang}, booktitle={Scientific reports}, year={2017} }