Self-poisoning and therapeutic intoxication with lithium.

  title={Self-poisoning and therapeutic intoxication with lithium.},
  author={Elizabeth Dyson and David K Simpson and LaurenceF. Prescott and Alex T. Proudfoot},
  journal={Human toxicology},
  volume={6 4},
Of 68 admissions for lithium overdose over 16 years, 25 were due to therapeutic intoxication and 43 to deliberate self-poisoning. Three patients with therapeutic intoxication had acute diabetes insipidus with hypernatraemia. One of them had acute renal failure requiring dialysis, prolonged Parkinsonism and generalised myopathy. Twenty-two patients with therapeutic intoxication had peak serum lithium concentrations above the therapeutic range. In contrast, of 22 self-poisoned patients with peak… CONTINUE READING