Self-organization of myosin II in reconstituted actomyosin bundles.

  title={Self-organization of myosin II in reconstituted actomyosin bundles.},
  author={Matthew R. Stachowiak and Patrick M. McCall and Todd Thoresen and Hayri E Balcioglu and Lisa N Kasiewicz and Margaret L. Gardel and Ben O'Shaughnessy},
  journal={Biophysical journal},
  volume={103 6},
Cells assemble a variety of bundled actomyosin structures in the cytoskeleton for activities such as cell-shape regulation, force production, and cytokinesis. Although these linear structures exhibit varied architecture, two common organizational themes are a punctate distribution of myosin II and distinct patterns of actin polarity. The mechanisms that cells use to assemble and maintain these organizational features are poorly understood. To study these, we reconstituted actomyosin bundles in… CONTINUE READING
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