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Self-organization and associative memory: 3rd edition

  title={Self-organization and associative memory: 3rd edition},
  author={Teuvo Kohonen},
Soft computing applied to optimization, computer vision and medicine
A Neural Approach for Color-Textured Images Segmentation
In this paper, we present a neural approach for unsupervised natural color-texture image segmentation, which is based on both Kohonen maps and mathematical morphology, using a combination of theExpand
A unifying methodology for the evaluation of neural network models on novelty detection tasks
This paper introduces a novel methodology to systematically compare the performance of neural network methods applied to novelty detection problems, and describes the most common NN-based novelty detection techniques. Expand
Unsupervised horizontal collaboration based in SOM
A new approach of collaborative classification allowing protecting the confidentiality of the data by using the self organizing map of Kohonen, validated on several databases and the experimental results showed very promising performances. Expand
A Proposed Artificial Intelligence Algorithm for Assessing of Risk Priority for Medical Equipment in Iraqi Hospital
It is concluded that the proposed model gives fast and accurate assessment for risk priority and it works as promising tool for risk factor assessment for the service departments in large hospitals in Iraq. Expand
Data Mining in Market Segmentation and Tariff Policy Design: A Telecommunication Case
  • Xu Hong, Qian Gangyi
  • Computer Science
  • 2009 Asia-Pacific Conference on Information Processing
  • 2009
Validation of tariff policy, which is designed according to the target customer group, proves that successful marketing policy relies heavily on the accurate assignment of segment membership. Expand
Integrating web-based intelligence retrieval and decision-making from the twitter trends knowledge base
The findings reveal a pattern behind trends on Twitter, enabling us to see how it 'ticks' and evolves though visualization methods, and enable us to understand the underlying characteristics behind the 'trend setters', providing a new perspective on the contributors of a trend. Expand
On training radial basis function neural networks using optimal fuzzy clustering
The major issues in developing radial basis functions neural networks are the determination of the appropriate number of hidden nodes and the kernel parameter values. Both of them are directlyExpand
Pleural nodule identification in low-dose and thin-slice lung computed tomography
A completely automated system for the identification of pleural nodules in low-dose and thin-slice computed tomography (CT) of the lung has been developed using the directional-gradient concentration method and a morphological opening-based procedure to generate a list of nodule candidates. Expand
Visual data mining in intrinsic hierarchical complex biodata
In der vorliegenden Arbeit werden neue Ansatze des visuellen Dataminings zur Analyse von intrinsisch hierarchischen komplexen Biodaten entwickelt, um die Analyse oftmals eine innere hierarchische Struktur auf zu unterstutzen. Expand