Self-forming InAs/GaP quantum dots by direct island growth

  title={Self-forming InAs/GaP quantum dots by direct island growth},
  author={R. Leon and C. Lobo and T. Chin and J. Woodall and S. Fafard and S. Ruvimov and Z. Liliental-Weber and M. A. S. Kalceff},
  journal={Applied Physics Letters},
InAs/GaP semiconductor quantum dots (QDs) were spontaneously formed using direct island growth (Volmer–Weber) rather than Stranski–Krastanow (S-K) growth. Structural investigations of InAs/GaP QDs suggest kinetically limited growth and show a broad size distribution. Photoluminescence and cathodoluminescence spectroscopy reveal large inhomogeneous broadening with the emission peak centering at 1.7 eV. Device applications exploiting broad optical emission in QDs are discussed. 
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