Self-evaluations of Students’ Developed Competences during Seminar Presentations in the Online Program

  • Published 2016


The purpose of this article is to present the results of students’ self-evaluations of their developed presentation competences during their seminar presentations as a part of both a human resource course and an organizational dynamic course in the online master program International Management. Video pedagogy employed in the courses was assessed and its effect on competency development was questioned. The main research question was which aspects of presentation competence the students develop while delivering, watching and discussing online presentations, according to their self-assessments. The methodology of self-assessment of the gained competences questioned the development courseembedded presentation competence in a virtual learning environment. A questionnaire was sent to all students attending the courses during two academic years. Students rated their acquired skills on the 7-point Likert scale. The results proved hypothesis that students had developed their online presentation competences and that they had become more self-confident. The course designers gained the feedback regarding the collaborative tool, course organization and original aim to develop presentation skills in the virtual classroom. Improvement of these exercises, meaning instruction, design, and feedback will be employed the following next year.

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