Self-evaluation and its relationship to clinical evaluation.


An exploratory study was undertaken in a three-year nursing diploma program to determine instructor and student perceptions of self-evaluation (SE) and its relationship to clinical evaluation. A cross-section of instructors (n = 9) participated in three rounds of a Delphi survey. From this validated data base a questionnaire was developed and distributed to a stratified sample of 145 students. Combined results were then analyzed and compared. Results indicated that both students and instructors perceive self-evaluation more positively than negatively and they see the main purpose as providing direction for learning. Contrary to the literature and perceptions of surveyed instructors, students did not perceive self-evaluation as a factor in promotion of professional growth. Although students value a participatory role in clinical evaluation, the process of self-evaluation generates anxiety and underrating of performance. The authors conclude that self-evaluation is a developmental skill requiring guidelines and practice, and offer recommendations for its use.

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