Self-consumption for energy communities in Spain: a regional analysis under the new legal framework

  title={Self-consumption for energy communities in Spain: a regional analysis under the new legal framework},
  author={Cristobal Gallego-Castillo and Miguel Heleno and Marta Victoria},

Towards a Just Energy Transition, Barriers and Opportunities for Positive Energy District Creation in Spain

To mitigate the effects of climate change, the European Commission created a Strategic Energy Technology Plan committing to forming 100 Positive Energy Districts (PEDs) by 2025. These are considered

Evaluation of the Spanish regulation on self-consumption photovoltaic installations. A case study based on a rural municipality in Spain

  • Daniel Dasí-CrespoCarlos Roldán-BlayGuillermo Escrivá-EscriváCarlos Roldán-Porta
  • Art
    Renewable Energy
  • 2023

Machine learning for performance prediction in smart buildings: Photovoltaic self-consumption and life cycle cost optimization

  • Hashem Amini ToosiClaudio Del PeroFabrizio LeonforteM. LavagnaNiccolò Aste
  • Engineering
    Applied Energy
  • 2023

Development of an Energy Management System for a Renewable Energy Community and Performance Analysis via Global Sensitivity Analysis

This paper presents the development of an energy management system (EMS) for a renewable energy community (REC) with the load-generation balancing objective. In this regard, rule-based and

Power-to-Methane to Integrate Renewable Generation in Urban Energy Districts

The deployment of distributed energy systems must take place paying attention to the self-consumption of renewable generation. Innovative sector coupling strategies can play that role linking local

Full P2P-based Residential Energy Community vs Collective Self-Consumption in Spanish scenario: Participants sizing analysis

Energy Communities are a subject undergoing intense study in Europe and Spain. The Spanish case was studied, considering the new electricity tariff (BOE-A-2021-21208). Participant sizing gives an

Energy Communities Implementation in the European Union: Case Studies from Pioneer and Laggard Countries

Energy communities are a promising strategy for a global energy transition. European Union (EU) regulatory frameworks are already established and clearly explained, aiming to develop as many projects



Economic assessment of photovoltaic battery systems based on household load profiles