Self-consistent theory of polymerized membranes.

  title={Self-consistent theory of polymerized membranes.},
  author={P LeDoussal and Radzihovsky},
  journal={Physical review letters},
  volume={69 8},
We study D-dimensional polymerized membranes embedded in d dimensions using a selfconsistent screening approximation. It is exact for large d to order 1/d, for any d to order ǫ = 4 − D and for d = D. For flat physical membranes (D = 2, d = 3) it predicts a roughness exponent ζ = 0.590. For phantom membranes at the crumpling transition the size exponent is ν = 0.732. It yields identical lower critical dimension for the flat phase and crumpling transition Dlc(d) = 2d d+1 (Dlc = √ 2 for… CONTINUE READING


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