Self-compressed inhomogeneous stabilized jellium model and surface relaxation of simple metal thin films

  title={Self-compressed inhomogeneous stabilized jellium model and surface relaxation of simple metal thin films},
  author={M. Payami and T. Mahmoodi},
  journal={Canadian Journal of Physics},
The interlayer spacing near the surface of a crystal is different from that of the bulk. As a result, the value of the ionic density in the normal direction and near to the surface shows some varia... 
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Abstract In this work we have applied the recently formulated self-compressed inhomogeneous stabilized jellium model [M. Payami and T. Mahmoodi, Canadian J. Phys. 89 , 967 (2011)] to describe theExpand


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Dans ce modele, les proprietes volumiques d'un metal dependent seulement de la valence z et du parametre de densite volumique r S / tandis que les proprietes de surface ne dependent que de r S . CesExpand
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