Self-complementary hypergraphs

  title={Self-complementary hypergraphs},
  author={A. Pawel Wojda},
  journal={Discussiones Mathematicae Graph Theory},
A k-uniform hypergraph H = (V ; E) is called self-complementary if there is a permutation σ : V → V , called self-complementing, such that for every k-subset e of V , e ∈ E if and only if σ(e) / ∈ E. In other words, H is isomorphic with H = (V ; V k − E). In the present paper, for every k, (1 ≤ k ≤ n), we give a characterization of self-complementig permutations of k-uniform self-complementary hypergraphs of the order n. This characterization implies the well known results for self… CONTINUE READING

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