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Self-citation and its impact on research evaluation: Literature review. Part I

  title={Self-citation and its impact on research evaluation: Literature review. Part I},
  author={Vladimir Pislyakov},
  • V. Pislyakov
  • Published 19 September 2021
  • Computer Science
  • ArXiv
This review summarizes papers which analyze impact of self-citation on research evaluation. We introduce a generalized definition of self-citation and its variants: author, institutional, country, journal, discipline, publisher self-citation. Formulae of the basic self-citation measures are given, namely self-citing and selfcited rates. World literature on author, institutional, country and journal self-citation is studied in more detail. Current views on the role and impact of self-citation… Expand


Self-citation and citation of top journal publishers and their interpretation in the journal-discipline context
  • Yangping Zhou
  • Computer Science, Political Science
  • Scientometrics
  • 2021
A comprehensive and global study on citation and self-citation at the publisher level and examines the determinants of their different components, revealing dependency relations of various citations from self-Citation to citation and between intradisciplinary and interdisciplinary. Expand
A macro study of self-citation
This study investigates the role of self-citation in the scientific production of Norway (1981-1996) and finds that 36% of all citations represent author self-Citations, however, this percentage is decreasing when citations are traced for longer periods. Expand
The influence of author self-citations on bibliometric macro indicators
The analysis of citation based indicators for 15 fields in the sciences, social sciences and humanities substantiates that at this level of aggregation there is no need for any revision of national indicators and the underlying journal citation measures in the context of excluding self-citations. Expand
The influence of author self-citations on bibliometric meso-indicators. The case of european universities
The aim of the present study is to answer the question in how far the influence of author self-citations on bibliometric meso-indicators deviates from that at the macro level, and to what extent national reference standards can be used in bibliomet meso analyses. Expand
A bibliometric approach to the role of author self-citations in scientific communication
The results characterise author self-citations - at least at the macro level - as an organic part of the citation process obeying rules that can be measured and described with the help of mathematical models and can be used in evaluative micro and meso analyses to identify significant deviations from the reference standards. Expand
The effects of citation-based research evaluation schemes on self-citation behavior
Investigation of the changes in the self-citation behavior of Italian professors following the introduction of a citation-based incentive scheme, for national accreditation to academic appointments shows that there is much heterogeneity in the individual patterns of self- citing behavior, albeit with very few outliers. Expand
Individual, country, and journal self-citation in soil science
Self-citation is common practice in most sciences but it differs between disciplines, countries and journals. Here we report on self-citation in soil science. We investigated citations in the majorExpand
A concise review on the role of author self-citations in information science, bibliometrics and science policy
From the bibliometric viewpoint, there is no reason for condemning self-citations in general or for removing them from macro or meso statistics; supplementary indicators based on self- citations are, nonetheless, useful to understand communication patterns. Expand
Impact of country self-citations on bibliometric indicators and ranking of most productive countries
China in total citations and United States in average citation per paper and % cited publications, were the most affected nations in rankings among all the studied nations. Expand
A review of the literature on citation impact indicators
  • L. Waltman
  • Computer Science, Political Science
  • J. Informetrics
  • 2016
An in-depth review of the literature on citation impact indicators with recommendations for future research on normalization for field differences and counting methods for dealing with co-authored publications. Expand