Self-catalytic synthesis and photoluminescence property of cluster-like CdSiO3 nanowire arrays.

  title={Self-catalytic synthesis and photoluminescence property of cluster-like CdSiO3 nanowire arrays.},
  author={Jianfeng Shi and Yang Jiang and Guohua Li and Chun Wang and Nan Li},
  journal={Journal of nanoscience and nanotechnology},
  volume={8 11},
Cluster-like cadmium silicate (CdSiO3) nanowire arrays on Si substrate have been synthesized via a self-catalytic growth using a modified vapor-phase evaporation method. XRD and HRTEM analyses indicated that the CdSiO3 nanowire had a monoclinic single-crystal structure. The growth mechanism of the cluster-like nanowire array is proposed as vapor-liquid-solid mechanism, in which lower melting point Cd serves as the catalyst. The PL measurements revealed the strong photoluminescence peaks in the… Expand
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