Self-assembly of the binuclear metal center of phosphotriesterase.

  title={Self-assembly of the binuclear metal center of phosphotriesterase.},
  author={H Shim and Frank M Raushel},
  volume={39 25},
The active site of the bacterial phosphotriesterase (PTE) from Pseudomonas diminuta contains two divalent metal ions and a carboxylated lysine residue. The native enzyme contains two Zn(2+) ions, which can be replaced with Co(2+), Cd(2+), Ni(2+), or Mn(2+) without loss of catalytic activity. Carbon dioxide reacts with the side chain of lysine-169 to form a carbamate functional group within the active site, which then serves as a bridging ligand to the two metal ions. The activation of apo-PTE… CONTINUE READING