Self-assembly of enantiopure domains: the case of indigo on Cu(111).

  title={Self-assembly of enantiopure domains: the case of indigo on Cu(111).},
  author={C. Villagomez and Olivier Guillermet and Sylvain Goudeau and Franscisco Ample and Hai Xu and Christophe Coudret and Xavier Bouju and Tomaso Zambelli and Sebastien Gauthier},
  journal={The Journal of chemical physics},
  volume={132 7},
The adsorption of indigo molecules on Cu(111) was investigated by low temperature (5 K) scanning tunneling microscopy from the isolated single molecule regime to one monolayer. Structural optimization and image calculations demonstrate that the molecules are in a physisorbed state. Because of the reduced symmetry at the surface, single molecules acquire a chiral character upon adsorption leading to a two-dimensional (2D) chirality. They adopt two adsorption configurations, related by a mirror… CONTINUE READING