Self-assembling peptide scaffolds promote enamel remineralization.

  title={Self-assembling peptide scaffolds promote enamel remineralization.},
  author={Jennifer Kirkham and Ashley Firth and D Vernals and Neville Boden and Colin Robinson and R C Shore and Steven Joseph Brookes and Amalia Aggeli},
  journal={Journal of dental research},
  volume={86 5},
Rationally designed beta-sheet-forming peptides that spontaneously form three-dimensional fibrillar scaffolds in response to specific environmental triggers may potentially be used in skeletal tissue engineering, including the treatment/prevention of dental caries, via bioactive surface groups. We hypothesized that infiltration of caries lesions with monomeric low-viscosity peptide solutions would be followed by in situ polymerization triggered by conditions of pH and ionic strength, providing… CONTINUE READING