Self-assembled quantum dots in a nanowire system for quantum photonics.

  title={Self-assembled quantum dots in a nanowire system for quantum photonics.},
  author={Martin Heiss and Yannik Fontana and Anders Gustafsson and Gunter W{\"u}st and Cesar Magen and David D O'Regan and J. W. Luo and Bernt Ketterer and Sonia Conesa-Boj and Andreas Kuhlmann and Julien Houel and Eleonora Russo-Averchi and Joan Ramon Morante and Marco Cantoni and Nicola Marzari and Jordi Arbiol and Alex Zunger and R. J. Warburton and Anna Fontcuberta I Morral},
  journal={Nature materials},
  volume={12 5},
Quantum dots embedded within nanowires represent one of the most promising technologies for applications in quantum photonics. Whereas the top-down fabrication of such structures remains a technological challenge, their bottom-up fabrication through self-assembly is a potentially more powerful strategy. However, present approaches often yield quantum dots with large optical linewidths, making reproducibility of their physical properties difficult. We present a versatile quantum-dot-in-nanowire… CONTINUE READING
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