Self-administered mixture of Entonox and isoflurane in labour.

  title={Self-administered mixture of Entonox and isoflurane in labour.},
  author={S Arora and Mark Tunstall and John A S Ross},
  journal={International journal of obstetric anesthesia},
  volume={1 4},
Entonox (50% nitrous oxide premixed in oxygen) was compared with a mixture of Entonox and approximately 0.25% isoflurane (Entonox-isoflurane) for pain relief in the first stage of labour in 39 mothers. An Oxford Miniature Vaporizer was incorporated as the draw-over vaporizer for adding isoflurane to Entonox. The mixture was self-administered via the Entonox on-demand valve. The two mixtures were given in random sequence for five consecutive contractions of labour to each patient. Linear… CONTINUE READING


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