Self-adaptive chaos quantum clonal evolutionary programming

  title={Self-adaptive chaos quantum clonal evolutionary programming},
  author={Yangyang Li and Licheng Jiao and Fang Liu},
  journal={Proceedings 7th International Conference on Signal Processing, 2004. Proceedings. ICSP '04. 2004.},
  pages={1550-1553 vol.2}
In this paper, a novel kind of algorithm, called the self-adaptive chaos quantum clonal evolutionary programming algorithm(SCQP) is proposed based on the quantum theory and the chaos mutation operator. By adopting quantum chromosome as a representation, SCQP uses the logistic sequence to control the mutation size and the chaos mutation operator to control the clonal selection. Compared with the classical evolutionary algorithm(CEA) and SCQP, SCQP is shown to be capable of solving complex… CONTINUE READING