Self-Sustained Reaction Fronts in Porous Media

  title={Self-Sustained Reaction Fronts in Porous Media},
  author={Severine Atis and Sandeep Saha and Harold Auradou and D. Salin and Laurent Talon},
We analyze experimentally chemical waves propagation in the disordered flow field of a porous medium. The reaction fronts travel at a constant velocity which drastically depends on the mean flow direction and rate. The fronts may propagate either downstream and upstream but, surprisingly, they remain static over a range of flow rate values. Resulting from the competition between the chemical reaction and the disordered flow field, these frozen fronts display a particular sawtooth shape. The… 
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Strong pinning of propagation fronts in adverse flow.
A stylized model is proposed, predicting two possible outcomes of the experiments for large adverse flow: either the front develops a sawtooth shape or it acquires a complicated structure with islands and overhangs, relevant in a variety of domains.