Self-Regulatory Failure: A Resource-Depletion Approach

  title={Self-Regulatory Failure: A Resource-Depletion Approach},
  author={K. Vohs and T. Heatherton},
  journal={Psychological Science},
  pages={249 - 254}
  • K. Vohs, T. Heatherton
  • Published 2000
  • Psychology, Medicine
  • Psychological Science
  • Three studies were conducted to test the behavioral consequences of effortful self-regulation. Individuals with chronic inhibitions about eating were exposed to situations varying in level of self-regulatory demand. Subsequently, participants' ability to self-regulate was measured. Two studies manipulated self-regulatory demand by exposing participants to good-tasting snack foods, whereas a third study required participants to control their emotional expressions. As hypothesized, exerting self… CONTINUE READING
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