Self-Propelled Micro-/Nanomotors Based on Controlled Assembled Architectures.


Synthetic micro-/nanomotors (MNMs) are capable of performing self-propelled motion in fluids through harvesting different types of energies into mechanical movement, with potential applications in biomedicine and other fields. To address the challenges in these applications, a promising strategy that combines controlled assembly (bottom-up approaches) with… (More)
DOI: 10.1002/adma.201502583


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@article{Lin2016SelfPropelledMB, title={Self-Propelled Micro-/Nanomotors Based on Controlled Assembled Architectures.}, author={Xiankun Lin and Zhiguang Wu and Yingjie Wu and Mingjun Xuan and Qiang He}, journal={Advanced materials}, year={2016}, volume={28 6}, pages={1060-72} }