Self-Propagating β-Sheet Polypeptide Structures as Prebiotic Informational Molecular Entities: The Amyloid World

  title={Self-Propagating β-Sheet Polypeptide Structures as Prebiotic Informational Molecular Entities: The Amyloid World},
  author={C. P. Maury},
  journal={Origins of Life and Evolution of Biospheres},
  • C. P. Maury
  • Published 2009
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Origins of Life and Evolution of Biospheres
  • The idea is advanced that under the extreme earth conditions for ~3.9 billions years ago, protein-based β-sheet molecular structures were the first self-propagating and information-processing biomolecules that evolved. The amyloid structure of these aggregates provided an effective protection against the harsh conditions known to decompose both polyribonucleotides and natively folded polypeptides. In the prebiotic amyloid world, both the replicative and informational functions were carried out… CONTINUE READING
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