Self-Organizing Maps with Cokriging Porosity Applied to Sand-Shale Reservoirs using Seismic

  title={Self-Organizing Maps with Cokriging Porosity Applied to Sand-Shale Reservoirs using Seismic},
  author={J. Parra and U. Iturrar{\'a}n-Viveros and J. S. Parra and Jos{\'e} Luis Jim{\'e}nez-Andrade and Humberto Carrillo-Calvet},
  journal={Seg Technical Program Expanded Abstracts},
We selected seismograms from a 3D seismic survey acquired at the Waggoner Ranch, Texas to characterize the distribution of porosities in each lithofacie. Porosity images were obtained using cokriging and the facies using the Self-Organizing Map (SOM) technique. The reservoir geology is a sand and shale sequence with small amounts of limestone as markers. The SOM uses reflection attributes that are able to capture the three geological units. The seismic lines are first converted to impedance and… Expand
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