Self-Organizing Maps, Second Edition

  title={Self-Organizing Maps, Second Edition},
  author={T. Kohonen},
  booktitle={Springer Series in Information Sciences},
  • T. Kohonen
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  • Computer Science
Does Non-linearity Matter in Retail Credit Risk Modeling?
The proposed LVQ model outperformed the benchmarking models, which represent the standard approach in banks, and is better able to handle the properties of categorical variables. Expand
3 Learning Nonlinear Principal Manifolds by Self-Organising Maps
This chapter provides an overview on the self-organised map (SOM) in the context of manifold mapping. It first reviews the background of the SOM and issues on its cost function and topology measures.Expand
Object Recognition in Image Sequences and Robust Associative Image Memory using the Multilevel Hypermap Architecture
The introduced system for object recognition and tracking uses an associative memory for storing prototypes of objects. The Multilevel Hypermap Architecture (MHA), a self-organizing neural networkExpand
Brief review of self-organizing maps
  • D. Miljkovic
  • Computer Science
  • 2017 40th International Convention on Information and Communication Technology, Electronics and Microelectronics (MIPRO)
  • 2017
In this brief review paper basic tenets of self-organizing maps, including motivation, architecture, math description and applications are reviewed. Expand
Segmentação do SOM por Métodos de Agrupamentos Hierárquicos com Conectividade Restrita
The self-organizing map (SOM) forms a nonlinear projection from a high-dimensional data onto a regular (usually) two-dimensional grid and have been widely studied as a software tool for visualizationExpand
Distributed recurrent self-organization for tracking the state of non-stationary partially observable dynamical systems
A distributed recurrent self-organizing architecture that can extract the current state of a dynamical system from the sequence of the recent observations provided by this system, even if they are ambiguous, is presented. Expand
Minería de Datos utilizando Sistemas Inteligentes
1 Profesor Titular DE. Facultad de Informatica. UNLP 2 Becario Post-doctoral (CONICET) – Jefe de Trabajos Practicos Facultad de Informatica. UNLP 3 Profesor Adjunto – Facultad de Informatica – UNLP.Expand
Improve the SOM classifier with the Fuzzy Integral technique
  • A. Jirayusakul
  • Computer Science
  • 2011 Ninth International Conference on ICT and Knowledge Engineering
  • 2012
The Fuzzy Integral decision technique is applied to aggregate information about the winner prototype and its neighbors for determining the final class of an unknown input and the experimental results showed that the proposed decision technique could improve accuracy rates better than the traditional technique. Expand
Sample selection and training of self-organizing map neural network in multiple models approximation
The idea of active learning into the training of SOM, especially for MMA, is introduced, where the neural network selects actively the training samples according to the approximation error of local models. Expand
Hierarchical evolving trees together with global and local learning for large data sets in MALDI imaging
This work derives a hierarchical composite clustering employing data specific properties to deal with this problem for data with an inherent hierarchical order and presents it on data taken from tissues slices of high resolution MALDI Imaging. Expand