Self-Organization Architecture and Model for Wireless Sensor Networks


In wireless sensor networks (WSN) there is a need to have self-formation capabilities into an existing variety of composite computing systems. In view of the fact that functionality is distributed over a number of components in a remote area, it would be an undefeatable task to accumulate and instruct each of them individually. All network entities should behave in a self-organized manner that means the global behavior emerges through their operation on local information and direct and/or indirect mutual interaction. Based on the all characteristics, we propose architecture of self-organizing wireless sensor networks (SOWSN). The motivation to develop this model is multifold. There is need to study various parameters of system that are required by the WSN to be self-organized. Hence we have come up with a model that forms a base for self-organization of WSN. This model provides ability to recognize and study significant parameters of a system along with its essential metrics.

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