Self-Ordered Limit Cycles, Chaos, and Phase Slippage with a Superfluid inside an Optical Resonator.

  title={Self-Ordered Limit Cycles, Chaos, and Phase Slippage with a Superfluid inside an Optical Resonator.},
  author={Francesco Piazza and Helmut Ritsch},
  journal={Physical review letters},
  volume={115 16},
We study dynamical phases of a driven Bose-Einstein condensate coupled to the light field of a high-Q optical cavity. For high field seeking atoms at red detuning the system is known to show a transition from a spatially homogeneous steady state to a self-ordered regular lattice exhibiting superradiant scattering into the cavity. For blue atom pump detuning the particles are repelled from the maxima of the light-induced optical potential suppressing scattering. We show that this generates a new… 

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