Self-MHC-restricted peptides recognized by an alloreactive T lymphocyte clone.

  title={Self-MHC-restricted peptides recognized by an alloreactive T lymphocyte clone.},
  author={Keiko Udaka and K H Wiesm{\"u}ller and Stefan Kienle and Guenther Jung and Peter Walden},
  journal={Journal of immunology},
  volume={157 2},
Alloreactive T lymphocytes are readily detected in unprimed animals although they have never encountered the alloantigen before. This well-established phenomenon is usually explained with the assumption that a self-MHC molecule complexed with a defined peptide resembles the allo-MHC molecule with another peptide and induces the corresponding T cell specificities. Here, for the first time and in support of this hypothesis, self-MHC-restricted peptides are described for a T cell clone that was… CONTINUE READING
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