Self-Centeredness and Selflessness: A Theory of Self-Based Psychological Functioning and Its Consequences for Happiness

  title={Self-Centeredness and Selflessness: A Theory of Self-Based Psychological Functioning and Its Consequences for Happiness},
  author={M. Dambrun and M. Ricard},
  journal={Review of General Psychology},
  pages={138 - 157}
  • M. Dambrun, M. Ricard
  • Published 2011
  • Psychology
  • Review of General Psychology
  • The theoretical model presented in this paper emerged from several different disciplines. This model proposes that the attainment of happiness is linked to the self, and more particularly to the structure of the self. We support the idea that the perception of a structured self, which takes the form of a permanent, independent and solid entity leads to self-centered psychological functioning, and this seems to be a significant source of both affliction and fluctuating happiness. Contrary to… CONTINUE READING
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