Self-Censorship In The Pakistani Print Media

  title={Self-Censorship In The Pakistani Print Media},
  author={Ramanujan Nadadur},
  journal={South Asian Survey},
  pages={45 - 63}
Though there is no formally enforced press censorship in Pakistan, journalists have been indirectly forced to curtail their reporting due to various external reasons. This article examines the print media's potential role in Pakistan and identifies the direct external causes of self-censorship such as unofficial government controls, the oligopolistic newspaper ownership structure, the legal system and the lack of security for journalists. In addition, the paper looks at specific structural… 

Justifying Self-Censorship: A Perspective from Ethiopia

This study investigates self-censorship practices in Ethiopian state media institutions. Through indepth interviews with 61 journalists, the study discloses extensive use of self-censorship on the

Pakistani Government–News Media Relationships

This study investigates factors that contribute to the fraught relationships between the government and the news media in Pakistan. Responses from an online survey of 357 Pakistani journalists and

Practices of Self-Censorship Among Nepali Journalists

Although Nepal has entered a new era of democracy and press freedom since 2006, self-censorship still exists in the reporting/editing of many Nepali journalists. Nepal has more than 100 years of

The rise of digital authoritarianism: Evolving threats to media and Internet freedoms in Pakistan

  • S. Jamil
  • Political Science
    World of Media. Journal of Russian Media and Journalism Studies
  • 2021
Digital authoritarianism poses increasing challenges within both autocratic and democratic regimes. The evolving mechanisms of digital authoritarianism surpass national boundaries. Over the past

The Agency of Journalists in Competitive Authoritarian Regimes: The Case of Ukraine During Yanukovich’s Presidency

On the example of Ukraine during the Yanukovich presidency (2010–2014) this article explores which factors support journalists’ agency in relation to censorship pressure in a competitive

Taming terror: domestication of the war on terror in the Pakistan media

While media studies have focused on journalist roles in framing foreign news events for local readers to render them suitable for national audiences, there has been less attention to similar roles

Increasing Accountability Using Data Journalism: Challenges for the Pakistani Journalists

ABSTRACT A distinct era of data-driven reporting is on rise – a period when software, algorithms, programming, and data-processing techniques are being used by media organizations, especially in many

Elite Pakistan Press Discourse on US Drone Policy

Scholars in the arena of media and communication have paid attention to the news framing of the controversial US drone policy in the post 9/11 mainly from the Western media perspectives. Scant

Pakistan’s poverty puzzle: role of foreign aid, democracy & media

Abstract In theory, poverty reduction is associated with economic growth and equal access to opportunities for all citizens, regardless of their age, gender and income. Pakistan has reduced its

Beyond the Western Masses: Demography and Perceptions of the Credibility of Pakistani Media

Based on a random survey sample, this study examines audience assessments of different media platforms in Pakistan. We found that in the complex Pakistani media landscape, ethnicity is a key



Media, Religion, and Politics in Pakistan

A study of media texts in the Pakistani context discussing the role and place of the media in Pakistan in broad social, political, religious and historical contexts. It argues that the mental

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Review and Analysis of the Legal Framework Governing the Media in Pakistan

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