Self-Assembled Periodic Nanostructures Using Martensitic Phase Transformations

  title={Self-Assembled Periodic Nanostructures Using Martensitic Phase Transformations},
  author={A. Prakash and Tianqi Wang and A. Bucsek and Tristan K Truttmann and A. Fali and M. Cotrufo and H. Yun and Jong-Woo Kim and P. Ryan and K. Mkhoyan and A. Al{\'u} and Y. Abate and R. James and B. Jalan},
  journal={arXiv: Materials Science},
We describe a novel approach for the rational design and synthesis of self-assembled periodic nanostructures using martensitic phase transformations. We demonstrate this approach in a thin film of perovskite SrSnO3 with reconfigurable periodic nanostructures consisting of regularly spaced regions of sharply contrasted dielectric properties. The films can be designed to have different periodicities and relative phase fractions via chemical doping or strain engineering. The dielectric contrast… Expand
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