Self-Architecting Software SYstems (SASSY) from QoS-annotated activity models


As the complexity associated with software development has increased, software engineers have sought novel ways to represent, reason about, and compose large-scale software systems. However, the majority of these approaches are geared to technically well versed engineers, making them unwieldy for use in a growing class of real-world pervasive computing… (More)
DOI: 10.1109/PESOS.2009.5068821


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@article{Malek2009SelfArchitectingSS, title={Self-Architecting Software SYstems (SASSY) from QoS-annotated activity models}, author={Sam Malek and Naeem Esfahani and Daniel A. Menasc{\'e} and Jo{\~a}o Pedro Sousa and Hassan Gomaa}, journal={2009 ICSE Workshop on Principles of Engineering Service Oriented Systems}, year={2009}, pages={62-69} }