Self-Alignments to Detect Mutually Exclusive Exon Usage

  title={Self-Alignments to Detect Mutually Exclusive Exon Usage},
  author={Martin Stephan and Friedrich M{\"o}ller and Thomas Wiehe and J{\"u}rgen Kleffe},
  journal={In silico biology},
  volume={7 6},
The surprisingly low number of about 25,000 genes in the human genome [1] confirmed a fairly accurate estimate given by King and Jukes in 1969 based on population genetical arguments [2]. On the other hand, the number of different transcripts vastly exceeds gene number. This fact intensified the search for alternatively spliced genes. Recent results [1,3,4-7] suggest that more than 60% of the human genes are alternatively spliced, some of them with a myriad of different splice forms… CONTINUE READING