Self-Adapting Fuzzy Model for Dynamic Object Detection Using RGB-D Information

  title={Self-Adapting Fuzzy Model for Dynamic Object Detection Using RGB-D Information},
  author={Mario I. Chacon-Murguia and Huber E. Orozco-Rodrx00EDguez and Juan A. Ramirez-Quintana},
  journal={IEEE Sensors Journal},
This paper describes a novel method for dynamic object detection in RGB-D videos based completely on a fuzzy logic approach. The method is an original contribution because of its self-adapting fuzzy scheme that fuses color and depth information (RGB-D). The fuzzy system analyzes information related to fuzzy color and depth differences as well as fuzzy depth similitude. In order to improve the segmentation results, special cases for incomplete information in the depth pixels are treated by four… CONTINUE READING
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